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Celebrating 20 years of Excellent in 2024: A Journey of Passion and Progress. We are an award-winning cg & visual effects production studio based in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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Who we are

Nowadays, we are moving forward with a path of a creative-driven production to build on feature film visual effects work.

We operate effectively with a highly professional and specialized team of like-minded employees who are driven and share the company’s vision of success. Our number of awards confirms that we are a proven company with international success and many accolades. Some companies aspire to reach high standards, whereas our company strives to reach new and higher standards of excellence.

FATface Bangkok office

Our goals

We have worked with top filmmakers and directors, striving in bringing our creativity to assist film directors to go further with their plots or extend their inspiration.

At Fatface, we have maintained our vision to build on feature film visual effects work and have continued to integrate young talents and their passions. To promise the finest quality of visual effects it enhances each film project as our mission and to deliver visual effects in creativity and assist directors to furthering their plots or extending their inspiration as our goals.

We optionally provide support from the stage of concept design to pre-production such as props design, pre-visualization, on-site shooting on visual effects production.

Our motto is “Vision Beyond Borders”


Warriors of Future

NEWS: In March & April of 2023, we are honored to have won 41st HK Film Awards & 16th Asia Film Awards for Best Visual Effects.

It is the first sci-fi movie that film director Ng Yuen Fai led Fatface vfx team to participate from screenwriting, storytelling, all concept art and design, costume design, character design to produce cg and visual effects shots. 

Jobs at FATface

We provide on-the-job developmental opportunities

  • Passion with vfx film production
  • Strong organization and multitasking
  • Good with numbers
  • Good with people
  • An ability to stick to strict deadline
  • Having can-do attitude
  • Passion with vfx film production
  • Strong visual awareness and artistic ability
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • An ability to stick to strict deadline
  • Having can-do attitude
  • Excellent Python and/or JavaScript programming skills
  • Strong knowledge of PyTorch or other machine learning frameworks
  • Experience with generative AI applications such as MidJourney and Stable Diffusion

Interested to join our creative team?

We are keen to hear from and meet talented individuals of all levels from fresh graduates to senior professionals in the industry.

News & updates

We keep updating with latest news.