We welcome artists at senior level. With generalist skills and experience is an advantage.

FATface is looking for Animators of junior, intermediate and advanced levels.

Junior level

  • Having basic basic knowledge of 3D Animation Tools including Maya
  • Having a desire to learn creating high-quality realistic animation for character and
    creature and camera work design for motion layout blocking
  • Being able to collaboratively with team head and team members
  • Being able to meet tight deadlines
  • Having passion in Animation
  • Positive and can-do attitude

Intermediate level or above

  • Having solid experience in both primary and secondary animation for character or
    creature for at least 3 years or above in VFX feature film industry
  • Proficient with Maya
  • Having good observation and analysis skill
  • Having creative problem solving skill, logical & procedural mindset, reasoning ability
  • Being able to work both collaborative and independently
  • Being able to meet tight deadlines
  • Knowledge on MEL and/or Python for scripting and tool development is a plus
  • Experience in motion capture is a plus
  • Experience in camera work design and motion design is a plus
  • Having passion in Texture and Surfacing
  • Positive and can-do attitude
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