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Warriors of Future

This futuristic Sci-Fi movie is set in Hong Kong and the year is 2055. Planet Earth has been ravaged by mans’ continued neglect. Pollution and global warming cause the air and water to be polluted. This results in frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

From outer space, a huge meteorite crashes on to planet Earths barren lands. Inside the meteorite is a fast-growing alien vine plant called ‘Pandora’. ‘Pandora’ purifies the planet but kills everything in its path.

Hong Kong uses its heavily armored military forces to protect their citizens from the deadly dangers of ‘Pandora’. Even with the pants genetic map, they face an enormous challenge.

While fighting and defending Hong Kong, the army uncovers what might be a conspiracy.

How we work

The director led our CG & VFX production team to work from screen writing, concept art and design, visual storytelling, costume design, character design, CG and VFX production. Every one of our CG and VFX team worked closely with the director on model and texture design, motion and camera design, as well as lighting design in VFX.

Having more than 50% of Chroma key background on set, our CG & VFX team of highly skilled specialists constructed pre-visualization layouts for actors to understand and visualize the CG backgrounds to be life- like. After the completion of the on-set shooting, when most of the background plates came in handy, our CG and VFX team started the post-visualization in order to have more accurate details for further VFX production plans and scheduling.

To achieve the greatest CG and VFX shots as well as to match the movie plots, the director worked closely with the CG & VFX team in the progress of the approval process, by searching a huge amount of references to ensure that every team were heading in the right direction, by providing revised feedback on every asset and shot in order to produce the best result possible.

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