The Storm Warriors 2 風雲 II

  • Client: Universe Entertainment Limited 寰宇娛樂有限公司
  • Producer: Daneil Lam 林小明 Chiu Suet Ying 趙雪英
  • Director: Pang Brothers 彭氏兄弟
  • Description:We participated in this comic book movie from concept drawing, props, miniature set to visual effects production, creating a totally realistic cg digital environment and merging cg stunts and props, fire, smoke and mist effects in live action footage.
  • Nomination & Award:Winner of “Best Visual Effects” of the Hong Kong Film Awards 2010 香港電影金像獎「最佳視覺效果」獎項
  • Nomination of “Best Visual Effects” in the Asian Film Awards 2010 亞洲電影大獎「最佳視覺效果」提名
  • Time Period:2007-2008

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