Warriors of Future POINT-OF-VIEW

Here are videos of how we developed the story from different types of point of view
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Character – Colonel & Scientist

One is mission-driven and tenacious while another is predominantly investigative

“Warriors of Future” Movie Characters – colonel & scientist《明日戰記》製作特輯_人物篇之上校,少將,科學家

Character – Military Robot

They are in high-performance computing system and programmed by humans

“Warriors of Future” Air Force & Ground Battle – Military Robot《明日戰記》製作特輯_陸空戰鬥之機械人部隊


Character – Air Force Team

Tyler 泰來, Chong Seng 重生, Skunk 臭鼬 never lose heart and hope

“Warriors of Future” 1_Air Force Team《明日戰記》製作特輯 1_人物篇之空戰部隊


World View

Strangers from the Universe arrive at a polluted and disastrous city, better or worse

“Warriors of Future” 2_World View《明日戰記》製作特輯 2_世界觀



An exosuit armor empowers them to fight

“Warriors of Future” 3_Armor《明日戰記》製作特輯 3_動力重裝甲