VFX production and Asset production

We have always believed in excellence for each film or tv commercial project and have strived to be an exceptional quality in Southeast Asia.

Asset Production

Create it logical and presentable

VFX Production

Give it life, believable and inspirational


Motion Capture

VFX Compositing

Create final product

LED Walls

Provide dynamic and immersive experiences for visitors

The secret to our success is that we never rest on our laurels. We do our best for each project and then strive to improve our output for each succeeding project.

Our success comes through our colleagues that are very self-motivated. They are focused and keen to learn, and are receptive to change to work with new systems and procedures. This gives FATface the competitive edge with its smaller workforce to adapt and evolve our workflow and output at a fast pace.

Interested to join our creative team?

We are keen to hear from and meet talented individuals of all levels from fresh graduates to senior professionals in the industry.

Thank you for our clients

We thank the film companies, the world famous and highly appreciated advertising agencies and production companies for giving us the opportunities to serve you in the past decade. 

In 2015 we started to produce a vfx feature film with One Cool Film that brought us to reach the next milestone.

FATface clients